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Occupational Hazard

‘Occupational Hazard’ by Jeremy Till on the relevance of the Occupy movement to architecture. Advertisements

Walking in Sheffield Town Hall

Teresa Hoskyns: ‘Designing the Agon’

Hoskyns, Teresa. ‘Designing the Agon: Questions on Architecture, Space, Democracy and “the Political”‘ in Bruno Latour, Peter Weibel ed., Making Things Public: Atmospheres of Democracy, (Cambridge and Karlsruhe: The MIT Press and ZKM Center for Art and Media, 2005), pp. 798-804. ISBN-10: 0-262-12279-0. http://artsresearch.brighton.ac.uk/research/academic/hoskyns/portfolio

Investigating England’s summer of disorder: The Guardian on the riots

LSE and Guardian research on the summers riots http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/series/reading-the-riots?CMP=EMCNEWTXT5399I

Postcards from Accrington

This is a project George Lovett and Tim Philips carried out in Accrington in 2005-6. They asked people their favourite places in the town centre and then tried to pitch a tent there. This really tested what was ‘public’ space- what was possible and difficult- i think that they paid for a parking space outside … Continue reading

Emotional Mapping: Christian Nold

http://www.softhook.com/emot.htm The project was set up as a series of participatory workshops that invited people to borrow a Bio Mapping device and go for a walk. The device measures the wearer’s Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), which is an indicator of emotional arousal in conjunction with their geographical location. The resulting maps encourage personal reflection on … Continue reading

Bank of Ideas @ Occupy London


Learning from the Occupations


Stories of Activism in Sheffield

Sheffield has a rich history of activism. This one-day, public event showcased personal stories from Sheffield’s activists, who will present snapshots of the City’s past with accounts of their campaign experiences. Themes will include: trade unionism, labour and employment, women’s issues, environmentalism, community building, refugees and immigration, peace, and human rights. It is part of … Continue reading